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The key to effective compliance is buy-in from your teams. Our training programmes help you manage your GDPR compliance in-house by giving your staff the confidence and the tools to respond to compliance challenges in the digital economy. Our training staff are experienced data protection and cybersecurity professionals who understand the day-to-day compliance issues faced by organisations of all sizes and sectors.

GDPR foundation course

2 days of training

In person or online

Price: £1,850 plus VAT

All courses available in French and English

  • Day 1


    Morning: Data protection - The essentials

    Learning goals: Master the core concepts and learn to “speak GDPR”.


    • Introduction to GDPR: context, aims and practical applications
    • Core concepts: personal data, processing, controller and processor, data subject rights, etc.
    • Data, a new direction? How to respond to the UK government’s proposed reform.


    Afternoon: GDPR compliance – The building blocks

    Learning goals: Understand how to structure and roll out your compliance.


    • How to map your data and audit compliance
    • Prepare your data inventory (record of processing activities)
    • The DPO. Do I need one? Who should I appoint?
    • Impact analysis: when and how.
    • Compliance processes: data subject rights, data breach, retention periods.


  • Day 2


    Morning: Consent and transparency workshop – Inform, communicate, build trust

    Learning goals: Learn how to draft privacy notices, capture consent, update your website and negotiate your GDPR contracts.


    • Privacy notices: what to put in them and how to display them.
    • Marketing compliance: when and how to get consent for my newsletter? How to communicate with leads and customers?
    • HR: what information do I need do I need to give to my employees and job applicants?
    • GDPR contracts and suppliers: the “data processing agreement” (DPA)
    • Data transfers: can I transfer personal data between the EU, the UK and the rest of the world?


    Afternoon : Data security – Anticipate risk and protect your business

    Learning goals: Understand the technical risks for your organisation, learn to react to a security breach.


    • The cyber-threat landscape, what are my weak spots?
    • Cybersecurity best practices.
    • Personal data breach, how to respond?
    • Audit and control your suppliers


    Summary and Q&A

    Review of the topics covered on days one and two. Q&A session with our experts.

For more information about upcoming sessions, reach out via our contact page.