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Our team includes qualified lawyers in the UK and France, advising you on all your legal questions around GDPR compliance, including:

  • Privacy policies : Helping you draft privacy notices for your customers, website users and staff members,
  • Data agreements : Drafting and negotiating your agreements with your data partners, including:
    • Data processing agreements with suppliers,
    • Data protection clauses for your terms and conditions,
    • Data exchange agreements with joint data-controllers,
    • Intra-group agreements for data sharing
  • Data transfers : We help you understand and manage the risks arising from your international data flows within and between the UK, the EU and third countries such as the USA.
  • High-risk processing : We help you identify and analyse legal risk in respect of high-risk data processing activities, such as:
    • Processing of sensitive personal data (health data, biometric data, information about racial or ethnic origin, etc.),
    • Profiling of individuals and automated decision-making,
    • Geolocation of individuals,
    • Potentially intrusive technologies such as AI-enhanced cameras, vocal assistants and connected objects.

To contact our data protection lawyers, please get in touch via our contact page.