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Whether auditing your risk, mapping your data or giving you the tools to ensure effective data governance, our team of data protection professionals is here to help you with all aspects of compliance.

Data audit and inventory

Our experienced data protection professionals help you audit your compliance, establish data inventories and identify your compliance priorities and the steps you need to put in place to address them.

Working closely with your management, legal, IT, HR and marketing teams, we help you:

  • Identify the data you collect, store and process (data mapping), and establish your data inventory
  • Locate data storage and transfers,
  • Identify appropriate data retention periods,
  • Identify and prioritise your compliance risks,
  • Put in place the appropriate compliance steps (compliance plan).

In line with the principle of the risk-based approach, we adapt the scope and budget of our assistance depending on your activity, the size of your organisation and your risk profile


Data governance

We help you implement your compliance plan and maintain the documentation and procedures you need to demonstrate your compliance, including:

  • Data protection impact assessments,
  • Data inventory (record of processing activities),
  • Data incident response plan (breach investigation and reporting),
  • Supplier management procedures,
  • Responding to requests from data subjects (access requests, right to be forgotten, etc.)

To find out how we can assist your teams in practice, please get in touch via our contact page